Well, that’s unexpected.

This is the first time I’ve added up the word count for my latest project…a novel.

I can hardly bear to type that, I’m so intimidated: I’m writing a novel. It’s completely out of the blue, and it’s consumed me. I dream about it. I come up with new plot devices in the shower…I keep burning dinner because I just have to get this one little part down. I haven’t been this infatuated with anything since Birdverse.

Is it weird to love your own writing? Nevertheless, I do.

Anyway, I kept thinking this project would end up as a novella, because I was sure I’d barely be able to get it to 20,000 words…but if I’m already over 12,000, then I think maybe I can do this.

You guys, I’m writing a novel.

And yes, I covered up the section titles so I don’t give anything away when you read it. You’re welcome.


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