A Peek into my Process: Water Says What?

Untitled design (3)

Here’s a page from a book I’m considering self-publishing. Illustration isn’t my forte, but after a few different tries, I liked how this page came out! I like the boxy style of it, and the motion of the water in the cup. I made this in Paper by 53, which is my preferred method for drawing. (Real paper from trees has no “do over” button. I must have the “do over” button.) I also use a Jot stylus, which I just bought when I lost my old Jot stylus somewhere in the couch. (I don’t have a studio. I draw on the couch…while watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.) I like my stylus fine…there’s probably a better one out there, but this fit my budget and it gets the job done.

I added the text in Canva, which I wholeheartedly recommend. Friends, seriously–they make design so. darn. easy. I’ve learned a lot from the articles on their blog, and their tools and thousands of free images are a resource I just can’t do without.

I’m still looking at different ebook/app creators, but I’m leaning toward Kotobee right now. I’m interested in Demibooks Composer, too, but the user interface isn’t very straightforward.¬†Anyone have an opinion?

Thanks for checking out my page!